Classes FAQ

As our classes are brand new we really appreciate all the feedback from you guys so please don't hesistate to send us a message or give us a call to tell us about your experience whether good or bad. We are a business that is constantly trying to become better and we wish to mould the product for you!

Do I need to supervise my children during the class?
No, if they are booked into a class with us and with a supervisor you are allowed to leave them in our care but must be with them before and immediately after the class ends. It is not permitted to leave your child with us if they wish to jump after the class with no supervision from yourself.

Can I have a discount to go and jump while my child is in a class?
Sure - Parents who have their children in a class will receive a 20% discount while their child is in a class.

My Child wanted to have a jump in the park after their lesson - Since they paid for the lesson can they have a discount for general access?
Certainly - They can have general access to our trampoline park for just $5!

My child lacks confidence and doesn't really play sports or participate in many group activites.
Great, let us create the platform for them to build their confidence. Unlike other competitor classes which are rigirous in discipline - We have a very supportive enviorment that allows children to learn and participate at their own pace. The most important thing for a young child especially, is that they don't get a bad taste or reprimendaded from someone whilst doing physical activity or they will shy away from it as they grow older. Our staff are incredibly friendly and patient with your children and guarantee that they will adapt their approach depending on your childs needs.

My child is too advanced for the courses you offer
Currently we do have staff members that can teach trampolining & tumbling to a high level however the classes we currently have, focus more on begginers to intermediate for the simple fact that we are a recreational facility. Advanced classes may be coming in next year, we'll keep you posted.

Any additional questions, please e-mail us at info@revolutionpark.com.au

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